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Language serves as transmitter of the culture, history, and traditions of a group. The study of a heritage language strengthens linguistic and cultural bonds, maintains a valuable economic resource, and promotes intercultural and cross-cultural understanding in learners.​ Check out our Heritage Spanish Classes for kids and youth within Spanish speaking families. 

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt

Spanish Hub

In a relaxed environment, and with the help of a facilitator, participants will perform a number of tasks related to the world of music, video, art, food, literature, and Pop Culture in Spanish.

Participants will be grouped according to age and need to demonstrate a certain level of oral and written language proficiency.

Classes of 1.5 hours are delivered once a week.

Cost: $120 +HST

Saturdays 1:30pm

Kids at School

Tu Aula de Español

This program focuses on literacy. Participants will work with a selection of authentic reading materials. They will learn about the different parts of speech, work on different reading and writing techniques, and develop an appreciation for the Hispanic literature and culture.

Classes of 1.15 hours are delivered once a week.

Cost: $120 +HST

Some materials will be provided by the school. Additional reading material will be required for purchase.

Saturdays 1:30pm   

Teacher and Pupil
Tu Aula de Español
Kids in Art Class
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