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In the Classroom


Welcome to the Spanish4You Canada family. We are a language center with over eight years offering Spanish language courses and kids camps in the community. We invite you to check the wide selection of programs that we offer both in-person and online.

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Our Mission

At Spanish4You, we are committed to providing our students with the best learning experience, offering stimulating and engaging lessons that reflect the rich and colorful Hispanic culture.

Our professionalism, passion for the teaching practice and friendly approach, have definitely set us apart as one of the most reputable language centres in our community, and we take pride in the many kids and adults we have instructed since the school was opened.

Join the Spanish4You family and Learn, Live and Share the love for the Spanish language!

Three Teachers at Spanish4you
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Teaching Methodology 

Our classes are carefully planned around real communicative scenarios that aim at maximum interaction and purposeful learning.


We keep a logical balance between the amount of grammar and functional language that is being taught at each level.


Content is gradually introduced and practiced through varied activities. Our classrooms are full of visuals.


We use PowerPoint presentations, video, audio and many authentic resources that support the teaching-learning process and motivate students to speak, read and write in Spanish.


Karina Marenales - School Director/Instructor  

Karina is a certified ELE instructor by AADE. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she graduated from teacher college and started her teaching career. Her teaching technique has been refined through continuous professional development both in her native country and in Canada. She holds a BA from York University with a specialization in Linguistics and a TESL Diploma from George Brown College.


Karina is resourceful, well prepared, and has a very approachable teaching style. Her classes are dynamic and entertaining. Karina feels passionate about her role both as teacher and director of Spanish4You Canada.

Karina Spanish4you Teacher
Camila Spanish4you Teacher

Camila González Bravo - Instructor 

Camila González Bravo is a Spanish teacher with vast experience in Adult Education. Camila has a BA in Spanish literature and a Teaching Diploma with a specialization in ELE issued by Universidad de Chile. She is currently working towards pursuing a Certificate in English-Spanish translation at Glendon College, York University.


Camila is always well prepared to teach her classes, she develops a great rapport with her students and looks forward to having the opportunity to not only teach the language but also spread the Latin American culture and language in Canada. 


Lurie Carrera Bulte - Instructor

Lurie has been conducting the Kinder Spanish classes and performing different duties at our Summer Camps and Final Showcases since the beginning of the school. She is a talented and enthusiastic professional who always puts her heart while working with the little ones. Her classes are super motivating and full of energy.


Lurie has a BA in English and she is currently working towards a Masters Degree in Social Work. She has a daytime job as a social service worker for the YMCA. She really enjoys supporting youth and families in the community.

Lurie Spanish4you Teacher
Monica Spanish4you Teacher

Mónica Quesada Tamayo

Mónica has recently joined the school to assist with the Kinder Spanish Program and our Summer recreational programs. She brings her experience as a senior counselor at different children’s camps and has adapted with ease to our program routine.


Mónica is full of energy, new ideas, and motivation. She looks forward to leveraging her creativity and teaching experience to engage students in her classes. Mónica is a student at the University of Toronto and is working towards attaining a Bachelor of Arts.  


María Luisa Bascialli

María teaches our on-site Business Spanish Program. In addition, she has been conducting different teaching tasks in the school and collaborating in the implementation of our Spanish Hub, specially designed for kids and youth with Hispanic heritage.

Maria holds a degree in Education and a certificate as an ELE instructor from Instituto Cervantes. Maria is an approachable and kind teacher, well prepared and informed on the latest trends in Spanish language teaching and methodology.

Maria Spanish4you Teacher
Monica Spanish4you Teacher

Mónica Molina

Mónica has recently joined our school to perform teaching duties at the school-age level both in-person and online. Mónica holds a BA in Education - primary level from her native country Colombia.


Mónica is very responsible, friendly, and resourceful. She looks forward to being able to teach our beautiful language and to contribute to keeping our Hispanic heritage alive.


Diana León

Diana has been assisting with classes at the pre-school and school-age level on an as-needed basis. Her area of expertise is second language teaching. Diana holds a BA in Education at the primary level from her native country Colombia. She has also attained a Certificate in English as a Second Language instructor from Emporia State University, Kansas USA.


Diana combines her Spanish language teaching with her daytime job as an Early Childhood Educator.

Diana Spanish4you Teacher
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