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Online Classes

Study Spanish from the comfort of your home with our distance courses for kids and adults.

Online Learning


Let us reach out to the younger ones at home with our engaging online courses for kids. Attractive presentations, video, songs, interactive games and much more. 

Classes of 1 hour are held once a week.

Cost: $90 + HST

Kids at School

Adult Online Groups

Let us bring Spanish to you with our distance courses for small groups (6 students maximum).

We offer different sessions a year. Each session is made up of 8 classes of 1.5 hours each.

Online materials are included and are shared in the form of pdfs.

Cost: $225 + HST

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On a Video Call
Kids at School

Private Adult Online Classes

Beginner and Intermediate Levels


Materials are included and are shared in the form of pdfs.

Instructors and students will set up a weekly schedule to the convenience of both.

Special Package of 4 one-hour private lessons $140 +HST

Advanced level

1 hour $40 +HST

1.5 hours $50 +HST

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