Newsletter Spanish4you May

Hola amigos de Spanish4you Canada.

BIENVENIDOS los nuevos estudiantes que se suman a la escuela de Español. Y bienvenido el buen tiempo (nice weather) en Canadá. Por fin hace calor!

Our last ENCUENTRO (meet-up) was a success …..TODO UN EXITO. Esmeralda Enrique and her Flamenco Company really delivered at the Fleck Dance Theatre. Son un grupo de bailarines y músicos muy talentosos. There will be more encuentros for sure. Next, we’ll be most likely in Burlington for a salsa class after una charla de café (talk over coffee). So, there will be something interesting for everyone that evening. I will soon begin the arrangements. We might even have a guest speaker come join us.

Some students are interested in getting extra material to improve their learning. You know that I often purchase from Librería Las Américas in Montreal and I get a 20 % discount through our school account.

Feel free to check their website:

I also love visiting Toronto Spanish Books from time to time. We held one ENCUENTRO at the place time ago. You can see pictures in my website. I love the cozy atmosphere at this bookstore….me encanta! A few students already signed up to the Toronto’s Spanish Books monthly newsletter:

Regardless of whether you find something of interest and level-appropriate, it’s a nice way to be informed about publications in Spanish. And you can practice your español by reading the books synopsis. Una muy buena práctica!

I want to congratulate my younger students as well for the hard work they are doing. We celebrated “Día de la Tierra” (Earth Day) with an activity at the park; Some other students created their very own video blogs, which they shared in class. Excelente trabajo chicos!

And I welcome new kids who have recently joined the groups. Next Saturday May 9th I will be taking a few to Mississauga Valley Public Library for LA HORA DEL CUENTO (story telling by Veronica Ramirez). It will be our “ENCUENTRITO” .

Bueno amigos, esto es todo. Remember to join me on Facebook. I am always posting and reposting about events that happen in the city and celebrations and cultural events related to the Hispanic world. Like 5 de mayo that is coming soon. You are encouraged to share whatever information you think that can be of interest for our group.

Hasta el próximo encuentro,