Newsletter Spanish4you Canada April, 2014

Hola Amigos de Spanish4you Canada. I’d like to share some local and international news from “El Mundo del Español”

  • Esmeralda Enrique, the Toronto based artist, and her Spanish Dance Company are presenting their latest Flamenco show “De Idas y Vueltas”.  These top Flamenco artists from Canada and Spain will be performing at the Fleck Dance Theatre (Harbourfront Centre, Toronto) next April 24-27.  If you are interested, you can purchase tickets at or at

By the way, I will be attending the April 26 session.

  • You might also want to check out the work of Amanda Martinez, the Toronto’s Latin Jazz sensation. Visit her website to learn about her latest album “Mañana”, upcoming concerts and most importantly, practice your Spanish!!


  • Si te gustan los ritmos centro- americanos, check out the Spanglish on-line radio station There is a daily morning show and live music all day long:


  • These hours, the world is paying tribute to the great Gabriel García Márquez, “Gabo” as people used to call him. The famous 87 -year -old Colombian novelist and short- story writer, who won the Literature Nobel Prize in 1982, has recently died in his house in Mexico City.  Among his literary work, we find the popular novels:  Cien años de Soledad (one hundred years of solitude) , El amor en los tiempos de cólera (love in the time of cholera) and Crónica de una muerte anunciada (chronicle of a death foretold). You can read more about García Márquez and his legacy at or at


  • Another great artist passed away recently, the world acclaimed “Guitarrista Flamenco” (flamenco guitarist), Paco de Lucía. Paco, whose real name was Francisco Sanchez Gomez, was recognized as one of the world’s leading guitarists. To learn on how Paco de Lucía felt on different aspects of life,  go to


  • Se celebra “Pascua” (Easter) el próximo domingo. I’ve included a reading comprehension activity on the topic of “La Semana Santa en el Mundo” (the holy week in the world). Whatever your belief is this time of the year you can read it to learn more “Español” Did you know that “La Semana Santa” is celebrated with much devotion and enthusiasm in the south of Spain? If you are interested in learning about “La Semana Santa en Andalucia”, visit Canal Sur, el sitio de la televisión andaluza con noticias, deportes y el tiempo:

  • Spanish4you is in the process of forming new group sessions for kids and adults. Contact  to find out about them.


  • I will also keep you posted of our next “Encuentro”, the space to share the love for the Spanish language and culture.


  • I will leave you with a quote from “el maestro” Gabriel García Márquez:

“la vida no es la que uno vivió, sino la que uno recuerda y cómo la recuerda para contarla”

Hasta el próximo encuentro,